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Get an education recognized the world over! Study in Canada by getting a Canada Study Permit and an admission into a premier University or College of your choice.

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Highly skilled workers from all over the world have found their fortunes in Canada. Canada is the country that welcomes these skilled workers and absorbs them into the professional streams.

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Canada needs workers, lots of them! Get an employment with an employer who has a favorable Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in a skilled or unskilled occupation and get a work permit for Canada.

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Avoid the long queues and waiting times for the immigrations visas for your beloved parents or in laws to come through.

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Planning to visit family and friends or just go for sight seeing and tourism in Canada? Our specialized team can help you apply so that you have the maximum chances of success for the visa.

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Do you have complications in your immigration file that the consultants cannot help with? Well,Skill pro Immigration is a cut above the rest, we are fully geared up to advise you and deal with any complications in your immigration cases.

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The Skill Pro Advantage

  • skillpro arrow_iconHonesty

    We run an honest organization and do not make false promises just to sell our services unlike the large number of “fly by night” operators in this field.

  • most trusted immigration consultantsIntegrity

    We run our organization with the highest ideals of integrity where we will always choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. You can be assured that you will never have problems in the future because we will ensure each step is completed in the correct legal way.

  • best immigration LawyersCompetence

    The organization is headed by a group of 5 lawyers and two ex-military officers who have lots of experience in immigration. We have the right mix of expertise and experience to find a solution where most will find none.

  • top Canadian Immigration LawyersCanadian Immigration Lawyers

    Top immigration Lawyers in Canada will handle your applications, no IRCC consultants or other wannabes here. Each application that goes through our system is screened by our team of top immigration lawyers before it is filed, ensuring that the quality of your applications meets the highest standards of the industry duly burnished by competence and integrity.

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Why Choose Canada?

immigrate to canada

Canada is one of the safest countries on this planet. Even in the larger cities, the level of security one feels is considerably higher than cities in the USA, UK, and another country. It is a nation of immigrants. Visible minorities make up more than half the population of Toronto, the largest city. Immigrants are welcomed with open arms and there is little or no outward prejudice that one hears about in other countries. Sure new immigrants have to go through a settling-in phase before they can fully adapt themselves with the job and business market, etc., but this is normal throughout the world. There are various organizations that help to train or advise immigrants about local laws and customs. Canada encourages multiculturism. You can maintain your origin identity and culture while also becoming a Canadian at the same time. The best of both worlds! A new immigrant can apply for nationality after just three years’ residence in the country.

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